Rath is available everywhere …

For its initial release, my Janus Group series was exclusive to Amazon. So if you read your books on something other than a Kindle and you’ve been waiting to pick up the series on iTunes, Nook, Google, Kobo, etc. etc. … well, now you can! Rath’s saga is now available wherever ebooks are sold.

And to celebrate, I’m running a discount on the first trilogy: for a limited time, Books 1-3 are available for just 99c. That’s, uh … [does math] … $7 off the normal price of the bundle, and, ummm … [damn it, more math] … about $9 cheaper than buying books 1, 2, and 3 on their own. Hell, if you already have Books 1 and 2, its cheaper to buy the set right now than it is just to buy Book 3! Anyway, crazy good deal, is what I’m saying. Links to the whole Janus Group series:

***Books 1-3 Bundle / Boxset: $0.99***

Book 1: Rath’s Deception – FREE
Book 2: Rath’s Gambit – $4.99
Book 3: Rath’s Reckoning – $4.99

Book 4: Rath’s Trial – $2.99
Book 5: Rath’s Rebellion – $4.99
Book 6: Rath’s Redemption – $4.99

… but what about Falken, you say? Is that series available outside of Kindle, too? Not yet, sorry. But I’ll keep you posted when it is, and I hope that will be soon. And Falken’s having a little bit of a promo party, too – Book 1 is … [checks notes] … holy crap, totally FREE right now, too. So if you haven’t picked up your copy, well, now you don’t have any more excuses. Here are the Falken Chronicles links (Amazon only for now):

***Book 1: Escape from Oz – FREE***

Book 2: Escape from Olympus – $4.99
Book 3: Return to Oz – $4.99

Basically, if you’re trying to cram in a couple more weekends at the beach before summer ends, and you’re wondering what to read, I got you covered. Thanks, as always, for reading. Here are the deals, one more time:

The Janus Group, Books 1-3 Bundle / Boxset – $0.99

The Falken Chronicles, Book 1: Escape from Oz – FREE