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Rath is available everywhere …

August 5, 2017

For its initial release, my Janus Group series was exclusive to Amazon. So if you read your books on something other than a Kindle and you’ve been waiting to pick up the series on iTunes, Nook, Google, Kobo, etc. etc.

About Piers

I was born in Boston, but by age ten developed an independent streak that led me to boarding school in New York City, where I was classically trained as a boy chorister. I loved the singing…sitting through five church services a week, not so much. I kept singing in high school back in Massachusetts, and college as well, where I studied Military History and joined the Army ROTC program. That meant physical training at 6am three mornings a week, so while my dorm mates were out partying late into the night, I was…actually, right there with them. But I really regretted it a mile or so into the next morning’s run. Read More