Falken’s going back to Oz …

He escaped from Oz. He escaped from Olympus. Now Falken’s going back into Oz … because Weaver never made it out.

As I was writing Escape from Oz, I always had it in the back of my mind that it would be fun for Falken to escape, and then find a reason to go back to Oz at some point, this time armed with the secrets of the planet and how it all works. Well, not fun for him, perhaps … but definitely fun for us! So that’s where he’s headed, in the third (and final, for now at least) book of the Falken Chronicles series. Right back into the last place he’d ever want to go again, to see if he can find his best friend, and save him. In the meantime, Falken’s new friend Vina has her own challenges to face … she’s heading home after their ordeal on Olympus, and meeting Falken has inspired her to look into her father’s murder conviction. Vina’s about to find out: if you start digging up stuff that’s been buried for years, inevitably you’re going to find something that smells rotten.

Falken survived the ordeal on Olympus, only to be stunned with a shocking revelation: his good friend Weaver is still incarcerated on Oz. The only way to get Weaver out is to volunteer to go back inside the prison himself. But the clock is ticking – Falken will only have a few days to find his friend and help him escape. While he’s back on Oz, he’ll have to follow the rules to the letter. One step out of line, and they’ll both be stuck in jail … forever.

Return to Oz is out now, and on sale for a limited time – go grab your copy here!