Year: 2017

Rath is available everywhere …

For its initial release, my Janus Group series was exclusive to Amazon. So if you read your books on something other than a Kindle and you’ve been waiting to pick up the series on iTunes, Nook, Google, Kobo, etc. etc.

Falken’s going back to Oz …

He escaped from Oz. He escaped from Olympus. Now Falken’s going back into Oz … because Weaver never made it out. As I was writing Escape from Oz, I always had it in the back of my mind that it would

Jurassic Park meets Avatar

Escape from Olympus is out now! The sequel to Escape from Oz is a rip-roaring survival adventure thriller. Falken’s a safari guide now, and he’ll have to keep a bunch of tourists alive while being hunted by a pack of

Escape from Oz is out now!

Very excited to announce that Escape from Oz is now live! Just in time for Mother’s Day, this heartwarming tale of a convicted murderer … hmm. So maybe not the perfect gift for your Mom, unless she’s a huge sci


The Army loves acronyms. If you can figure out how to shorten something complicated to say, you do it – seconds can mean a lot when you’re on the radio during a mission. And if you can make it sound