Rath’s Gambit is out!

Book 2 in the Janus Group series is now live!  Go grab your copy in the next few days to save a few bucks off the regular price. My thanks to everyone who picked up a pre-order copy, and the Pathfinders who are already outdoing their efforts on Book 1 and posting a ton of awesome reviews.

Get it here:


Gambit - 600x800Rath just assassinated a senator, and completed his final mission for the Janus Group. Now every Interstellar Police officer on Alberon is searching for him. If they don’t find him, one of his fellow contractors certainly will … and the most feared criminal organization in the galaxy has severe punishments for employees who break the rules. Rath’s only hope is to find the rogue contractor who helped him escape a company deathtrap after his final mission. United, the two assassins might just get free from the Janus Group and get what they’re owed. But first they’ll need to survive.