Rath’s Final Chapter

It’s been a ton of fun following Rath and his pals through the Janus Group series…but all good things must end. With pride and some bittersweet feelings, I’m excited to announce the publication of Rath’s Redemption, which brings Rath’s saga to a close (probably…for now, at least). It’s available now in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook versions, and the ebook is discounted for launch for a few short days, so please go grab your copy now.
Book Six - 600x800

Rath’s short-lived rebellion has gone horribly wrong. The Senate lies shattered, devastated by a surprise attack. The Federacy sits at the mercy of General Yo-Tsai, a brutal dictator who now controls a super-weapon. Above the planet Tarkis, Rath drifts helplessly in orbit, watching as the Jokuan invasion fleet descends on his homeworld. His girlfriend has been captured, he’s running out of air, and he’s just a single man against an entire army. But he’s also the galaxy’s most dangerous assassin … and he’s very, very pissed.

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