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Other ways to get in touch: I’m not a big social media guy, but I am on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, and Google+ if any of those are your preferred methods.

And for you Army veterans out there, this is Bulldawg Red 1: switch to the platoon internal freq and report REDCON readiness 😉

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  1. Kurt Jordan says:

    Mr. Platt,

    You’re books were fun as hell to read. I loved every minute of it and have turned a ton of friends onto your work. All I need to know is when you expect your next one to possibly come out continuing Rath’s adventure?!?!?

    • Piers Platt Piers Platt says:

      Thanks, Kurt! Appreciate the support – word of mouth is so important! Rath Book 4 is well under way…stay tuned to my newsletter!

  2. Dean P. Hall says:

    Did you ever know a Dean Palmer (a girl) when you were in school

  3. Daniel Bumbarger says:

    Do you have any hardcover copies of the Janus Group novels available for purchase? I own them all in Audible and Kindle versions and would love some beautiful hardcovers to keep in my little library of favorite books.

    I know CreateSpace offers the option for authors to personally order them, but not sell them on Amazon. No biggie if not. But I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in them 🙂

    Thanks! Can’t wait for novel #4!


    • Piers Platt Piers Platt says:

      Hi Daniel-
      All of my books are available in paperback through Amazon (via Createspace), but Createspace doesn’t allow for hardcover versions (even for authors to order), as far as I know. I think there are other print-on-demand services that let you create hardcovers, but I honestly haven’t had the chance to look into them – will add it to my “To Do” list, however! Thanks for the note.

  4. vince riviezzo says:

    When will Rath’s Redemption: The Janus Group, Book 6 be released in a kindle version I see the audio book is now available.
    just finished book 5 and loved it itching for the next

    • Piers Platt Piers Platt says:

      Soon, Vince! Planning on releasing the ebook in a couple weeks – the audio version just made it through quality control checks at Audible a lot faster than I anticipated. Sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already, and thanks for reading!

  5. monte says:

    Any way to get your janus series on epub

  6. Really awesome website!

  7. Dominic says:

    Hi Piers,
    I’ve just started reading your books and i’m enjoying them immensely, just have one problem – downloaded your free book “A Patchwork of Yarns” onto my phone, now every time I open my phone to read it downloads the book again? any ideas?
    Really enjoyed Rath’s Deception, now on to the next chapter.

    • Piers Platt Piers Platt says:

      Huh…that’s weird! Not sure why that’s happening, but I’ll email you separately and we’ll see if we can sort it out. Thanks for reading!

  8. Dave says:

    Awesome books!
    Do “The Falken Chronicles” and “The Janus Group” take place in the same universe? If so, what is their chronological order?

    • Piers Platt Piers Platt says:

      Hi Dave-
      Thanks for reading Falken and Rath’s stories! In my mind, they take place in different universes … but if they were the same universe, Falken would have lived a few hundred years before Rath was born, likely. In Rath’s time, humans have spread much farther throughout the galaxy, whereas Falken and his generation are still in the early exploration / colonization phase, with most of humanity still living on Earth itself. That said, even though I didn’t intend for them to be in the same universe, there is at least one easter egg referencing the Rath books hidden in Falken’s story 😉

  9. Rich Brown says:

    Army Chaplain here…loving the Janus series of books while I am overseas!!! Cannot wait to start on your other books when I finish this series! Keep ’em coming!!

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