Thanks for signing up!  Below you'll find your free copy of Combat and Other Shenanigans. You'll need to download it to your eReader of choice, but that's pretty easy, and I've included instructions below just in case you need them. Reach out if you get stuck - I can usually help. I'm happy to give this book away for free - my main goal is for you to get to know me and my books a bit better, so I really hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to drop me a line either way.

Download the book here: 

Kindle .mobi



(note: Dropbox may prompt you to sign up first - you can ignore that - just close the window and then download the file you want)



Which file should I choose?

KINDLE .MOBI FILE: Compatible with all Amazon Kindle ereaders and most other devices using the free Kindle app.

.EPUB FILE: Compatible with Apple devices, Google Play Books, Nook, Kobo…if you have an ereader that’s NOT a Kindle, this is probably what you’re looking for!

.PDF FILE: A standard format, compatible with nearly all devices.

How do I get the book on my ereader?

Well, do you want to do it wirelessly, or do you want to use your device’s USB cable?

It’s the 21st Century, let’s send it wirelessly! If you have a Kindle, grab the MOBI file above, and then download Amazon’s great “Send to Kindle” software – get it here: (link includes instructions for how to use the software). If you use Google Play Books, download the EPUB file above, and then you can upload it directly to your library by going to and clicking on “Upload files" in the upper right. If you’re using an iPad or iPhone to download the file, you might need to tap the download link above TWICE. Then you can select either “Open in Kindle” (if you read on the Kindle app) or “Open in iBooks” (if you read using the iBooks app).

I’ve got this USB cable, might as well use it! This is called “sideloading” – so if the instructions below don’t cut it for your exact device, try Googling “sideload to [insert your ereader here].”  But they should work, don’t worry!

-Download the appropriate file type from the links above – this places it on your computer’s hard drive

-Connect your ereader to your computer using the USB cable

-Open your computer's finder/file manager/Windows Explorer (the thing that lists drives and folders)

-You should see your ereader listed as a connected device (usually on the lefthand side)

-Click on your ereader to open it and see its folders

-Look for the folder that stores the book files - probably labeled "My Files" or "Documents" or "Books" and will include MOBI/EPUB/PDF files for books you have already loaded on the device

-Locate the book file you just downloaded from this site (in your computer's "Downloads" folder, usually)

-Copy and paste that file into the Files/Documents/Book folder on your device (or simply drag the icon and drop it into that folder)

-Disconnect your device, turn it on, and you should see the book , ready to read

-Done!  Go get a cup of coffee and enjoy!

I'm still stuck!

No problem.   Holler at me, I'll help you figure it out: