Beyond the Stars

eBookCover_300DPI_GalaxysEdgeI’ve always been a fan of short stories. Like many authors, I cut my proverbial teeth on short fiction, which really forces you to hone your story down to just its most crucial elements. All of the wheat, none of the chaff. So I’m particularly excited to announce that Last Pursuit, the short story that inspired Rath’s adventures in the Janus Group series, was selected to be part of the space opera anthology series Beyond the Stars. The latest installment, At Galaxy’s Edge, just came out, and is on sale for a limited time: just 99c for the next few days, before heading up to its usual price of $5.99. It’s a great collection of sci fi tales from some really great, creative minds – you’ll find retired explorers searching for a final moment of glory, bumbling archaeologists, and solitary heroes up against formidable foes, human and alien alike. 12 stories from 12 authors – the perfect sampler pack. Go grab it now! And thanks, as always, for reading.