Author: Piers Platt

Chicago area book signing – June 1st

Today in very cool news: the First Infantry Division Museum at Cantigny has asked me to do a history lecture / book reading next month. I’ll be sharing some of the stories from “Combat and Other Shenanigans,” discussing my experiences in Iraq, and

Find out how it ends…

This is how it all ends! Book 3 in the Janus Group Series – Rath’s Reckoning – is now available for order on Amazon. It’s available for just $2.99 for the next few days, so you can save a couple bucks off the

Rath’s Gambit is out!

Book 2 in the Janus Group series is now live!  Go grab your copy in the next few days to save a few bucks off the regular price. My thanks to everyone who picked up a pre-order copy, and the

Rath’s Deception – coming soon!

Super excited to reveal the cover for Rath’s Deception – Book 1 in the Janus Group series. Coming next month! (click for bigger)  Many thanks to my cover designer, James, who did a fantastic job on the typography and design elements. The artwork is

Get it free!

For a limited time, you can get your free copy of the New York Times Bestseller, Combat and Other Shenanigans, directly from this site.  

Bear with me while I sort this interwebz thingy out

If you somehow stumbled across this site, cool!  And may I ask: how?!  Anyway, take a look around – no, wait, not there, that’s not finished, and you stepped in the fresh paint…oh, man.  That took me literally hours.  Okay.  Well, go