Author: Piers Platt

Rath is available everywhere …

For its initial release, my Janus Group series was exclusive to Amazon. So if you read your books on something other than a Kindle and you’ve been waiting to pick up the series on iTunes, Nook, Google, Kobo, etc. etc.

Falken’s going back to Oz …

He escaped from Oz. He escaped from Olympus. Now Falken’s going back into Oz … because Weaver never made it out. As I was writing Escape from Oz, I always had it in the back of my mind that it would

Jurassic Park meets Avatar

Escape from Olympus is out now! The sequel to Escape from Oz is a rip-roaring survival adventure thriller. Falken’s a safari guide now, and he’ll have to keep a bunch of tourists alive while being hunted by a pack of

Escape from Oz is out now!

Very excited to announce that Escape from Oz is now live! Just in time for Mother’s Day, this heartwarming tale of a convicted murderer … hmm. So maybe not the perfect gift for your Mom, unless she’s a huge sci


The Army loves acronyms. If you can figure out how to shorten something complicated to say, you do it – seconds can mean a lot when you’re on the radio during a mission. And if you can make it sound

Rath’s Final Chapter

It’s been a ton of fun following Rath and his pals through the Janus Group series…but all good things must end. With pride and some bittersweet feelings, I’m excited to announce the publication of Rath’s Redemption, which brings Rath’s saga to

Beyond the Stars

I’ve always been a fan of short stories. Like many authors, I cut my proverbial teeth on short fiction, which really forces you to hone your story down to just its most crucial elements. All of the wheat, none of

Why can’t I buy [book] at [retailer]?

If you buy your ebooks on Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google … or anywhere other than Amazon, you may be thinking that that store seems to be missing some of my titles. Yes – it is. And my apologies for that

Rath’s story continues…

Very excited to announce an all-new trilogy in the Janus Group series, starting with Book 4: Rath’s Trial. Coming in July – sign up for my newsletter to find out when it comes out! Rath’s Trial Rath thought that defeating the Janus

Grab some great free Sci Fi this weekend…

Rath’s Deception is free this weekend, along with a PILE of other great Sci Fi and Fantasy books, from a ton of great authors. Check out the full list at