Rath’s Deception (The Janus Group, Book 1)

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Rath’s Gambit (The Janus Group, Book 2)

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Rath’s Reckoning (The Janus Group, Book 3)

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Rath’s Trial (The Janus Group, Book 4)

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Rath’s Rebellion (The Janus Group Book 5)

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Rath’s Redemption (The Janus Group, Book 6)

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Combat and Other Shenanigans

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4 comments on “Audiobooks
  1. Shannon Cipolla says:

    Mr. Platt,
    Just finished listening to your Janus Group Series and look forward to future audiobooks that include Rath and his friends. Please send me your newsletter so I know when Rath might return in a new audiobook.

  2. D. Carlson says:

    Hi, I’m just starting the audio/ version of book 3 in the Rath series, Rath’s Reckoning, which just ,jumps right in where book 2 ended … and realizing that it has been long enough since I finished book 2 that I can’t remember exactly what happened in the end…or the names of all the characters, so am a bit lost in chapter 1. ( Apologies, have enjoyed the series, but am a voracious reader and consumer of audiobooks, so don’t often remember plot details or secondary character names for long when the book is done). I googled seeking a synopsis/”get back up to speed” look at the previous book, but found none on line.
    Might you consider posting a brief “spoiler alert” synopsis with a character summary of book 2, to get some of us up to speed for book 3? ( maybe that could begin the audiobook version of book 3 as well?) Too late for me now as I am diving right in, but might be helpful to future readers/listeners. Xo D

    • Piers Platt Piers Platt says:

      Hi D-
      That’s a great idea! It can be a lot to keep track of. I will work on putting together a “get caught up again” synopsis page for folks in your situation. Thanks for the suggestion, and for listening!

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